About us?

Specialists in consultation and Sanitary Registration procedure

"BRAYSER SC" comes from the acronym "Badillo Rojas Asesoría y Servicio" Consultancy and Services, in Spanish. We are a proudly Mexican company, with many years of experience, and we have a simple objective:

Improve the quality of life of all Mexicans.

To achieve this, we provide our services through 3 different lines of action:

  • Better Products: Products for health with documented quality, products that enter the market quickly and with fair prices for our services.
    • Documented Quality
    • Quick Market Introduction
    • Fair Prices
  • Better Quality: Specialized Consulting Services to improve or implement Quality Systems within your company. Or in other words:
    • Good Design + Good Process = Better Quality of Life
  • Protection of Innovation: Intellectual Property, Trademarks and Reserved Rights; We protect all the ideas that give value to your company.
    • Creation
    • Application
    • Protection of your data

Our Values

  • Integrity (What we think, say and do is one single piece)
  • Responsibility (We know the importance of responding to our commitments, but also for our mistakes)
  • Value of life (We are clear that we must protect life above all other interests)
  • Respect (Each person, client and worker, is worthy of respect, a dignified treatment and their work must be well valued)
  • Fair Utilities (Money is only a mean to an end. Our costs, schemes of payment and compensation to employees are based on the fact that the worker is worthy of his salary and to enjoy the fruits of his work.)

Our Services and Strategies are focused on your company helping to improve the quality of life of Mexicans

Take your company to excellence.

Protect and patent your products and ideas.
Don’t let them steal your geniality
we help you throughout the process
Access to clients
Access with your account and track your projects.