We are specialists in obtaining Medical Licenses in Expert Translations, Authorized Representations and more.

Quick solutions in procedures for obtaining Medical Product Licenses and effective Strategies for the Quick Introduction of Health Products to the Market.

About Us

We are a company dedicated to improving the quality of life of Mexicans, offering procedures of Sanitary Licenses, specialized translation services and advice to improve the quality of products.

Why choose us?

At BRAYSER, we specialize in quickly obtaining your health records Medical Product Licenses. We want you to do well, so that Mexico is better.


  • Obtaining Medical Device / Drug Product Licenses
    New and Renewal of Medical Product Licenses
  • Translation services
    Specialized translation of health supplies
  • Authorized Representation
    Save time and money without taking risks.
  • Intellectual Property
    Copyright and Protection of Intellectual Property.
We prepare all your Documentation and Regulatory Procedures
Avoid setbacks, at Brayser we advise you throughout the process.
Access to clients
Access with your account and track your projects.