Why choose us?

Solutions in Sanitary Registries, Specialized Translations and Authorized Representation

We understand firsthand how tedious and extremely expensive the procedures with COFEPRIS can be.

Therefore, all our services are focused to Optimize the resources of your company so that together we can bring Better Products to the Mexican market.

We become your partner to ensure that the results are achieved.
Sanitary Registrations

Integral Solutions in Regulation and Sanitary Registrations.

Either you are a National / Foreign Manufacturer, an Importer or Distributor; we are the solution for your Sanitary Registries, Licenses and Permits procedures:

  • Drug Products Registry
  • Registration of medical devices
  • Sanitary Import Permits
  • Renewal and / or Modification of Sanitary Registries
  • Establishment Notifications
We give results because we care as much as you do
Specialized Translations

Specialized Translations in Healthcare Products.

By law, all documents submitted to COFEPRIS must be in Spanish

Therefore, BRAYSER offers Simple and Expert Translations services.

  • Achieve full compliance with this requirement during the process.
  • We translate from French, German, Portuguese, Italian and English to Spanish.
  • We have Expert Translators, and Health professionals such as Biomedical Engineers, Chemical Pharmacobiologists, Physicians, Biologists, and Interpreters.
Translations that give good results
Authorized Representation (Holding)

We represent your company in Mexico

"Mexico has a law that says: only companies incorporated in Mexico can hold the sanitary registry"

A foreign company that wants to enter to Mexico has 3 options:

  • Set up your company in Mexico (higher operational cost, more procedures)
  • Give control to a distributor. (Lower cost, but control of the registry is at risk)
  • Use an Authorized Representative. (Lower cost, safety in the control of the Sanitary Registration)

Algunas de las ventajas que BRAYSER puede ofrecerles:

  • We take care and watch over for compliance
  • Your commercial interests as a foreign manufacturer or international distributor remain intact.
  • We guard the Sanitary Registration.

Keep control of your products and operations in Mexico.

Take your business to excellence.
Protect and patent your ideas.
We give results because we care as much as you do
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