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Specialized Translations and Certified Copies

Simple and expert translations of the technical and legal Documentation for Sanitary Registrations.

We have a multidisciplinary team of Physicians, Biomedical Engineers, and Chemical Pharmacobiologists specialized in document translations for the Health Supplies industry

  • We translate English, French, Portuguese, Italian, German and Spanish
  • Expert translations, for legal documents.
  • We significantly streamline your paperwork and special documentation
Simple and Expert Translations
We translate the following documents:
  • Clinical Studies, White papers and articles
  • Medical Device Technical Files
  • Drug Products Technical Files
  • Manufacturing processes and certificates of analysis
We Legalize your Canada Documents.
Certified Copies

The process for obtaining a Sanitary Registration requires the legal documents be presented in original or certified copy.

  • Obtain the certified copies with the notary public
  • You can optimize the use of the original documents.
  • Fast and agile procedures.

We help you obtain the Consular Legalization in Canada, so your documents are valid in Mexico.

  • Legalize all your documentation in Canada.
  • We provide all the paperwork that you and your company need.
  • We get the consular seal to streamline complex formalities
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